Monday, January 2, 2012

Obligatory Cat Post

Instead of just leaving my blog empty until Wednesday, I figured I'd toss up some seemingly obligatory pictures of my cats.

This is Tika. She's 8-ish years old, give or take a week or so, and kind of a chubby little bitch. As you can see from this picture she's also not entirely amused when I try to take her picture of bother her when she's sleeping. But I'm bigger than she is, so she has to deal with it.

She's a rescue cat and spent a few months of her early life as a feral kitten, so she has some habits that have carried over from that. Even after all these years she still hasn't quite figured out that when I feed her that she's going to be fed again in the future. So, we have some food issues and that's probably why she's pretty overweight. We're working on that.

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