Saturday, February 18, 2012

Under A Rock

I haven't fallen victim to the zombie plague.  I am, in fact, quite alive.

The past couple of weeks have been a hell-storm of everything possible going wrong and then getting worse.  This didn't really leave me with much energy or desire to post anything, but I did get a lot of tv watching and ice cream eating done.  So there's that.

There was a two week long issue when it came to financing our new car.  First we were approved, then we weren't, then we were again, then we weren't because bad credit showed up on Manthing's credit report from a time when he didn't qualify for credit or live in that city.  So then I had to go back and co-sign the loan with someone else, which on the upside got me a significantly lower rate, and then the papers were printed wonky so I had to go back in and sign them a third time!  Lucky for me this was all being handled by my oldest brother, who's coincidentally the GM of the dealership I was getting my car from, so he's been dealing with more of this than I have and making it easier for me than I'm making it sound.

In other more crafty news, Fire Opal is slowly chugging along.  Since I only work on her (yes, I've decided it's a she) during slow times at work, she's been taking a lot longer than I anticipated.

I've gotten more done since this picture.  The right side has been filled out and I've started working on the upper neck and head portion.  This is just the lower neck and chest.  She also has a pretty extensive mane I'll need to work on, too.  And this is only page 1 of 4 for this design.  Good thing I'm really enjoying working on this.

Manthing and I are going to take a trip to one of our favorite beading stores this weekend.  Shipwreck Beads is about a 2 hour drive, give or take a bit depending on traffic, from our place.  We usually buy the bulk of our beading supplies from them since they have pretty good prices on larger quantity items than my local bead store.  Hopefully this means I'll have pictures of some of the jewelry we make in the not too distant future.

We're also gathering the supplies so we can start mold-making and resin casting again.  It's been several years since we seriously made anything.  I've also got some costume and prop making projects in the works.  Needless to say, we're trying to keep ourselves busy.

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